sábado, 11 de janeiro de 2014

Can't I prototype? Just another chronicle

Recently I bought some sensors from dx.com for a weather data logger project of my intends. Everything was going ok with the process until the pack hit Brazil. Before continue I have to clearly say that I have nothing against government taxes. I understand that without taxes it will be impossible for citizens to live with acceptable stands of "quality of life". Although I'm obligate to ask whether, here in Brazil, taxes return to us as services that will  improve our lifes or not.

Nonetheless, today I were surprised when I knew  that my order from dx is waiting, since 18 December 2013 to be assessed by inspection (see the picture).

Ok, you may think is a long time, but I think is "reasonable" when dealing with public services here. According to Brazilian laws here I have nothing to worry, my order is within the limits of non-taxes ones, up to U$ 50,00 as well as is for personal use only. However, I'm affraid of what inspectors officers will think when they found my electronic stuff  :). Will they know what those sensors are? That there are hobbyists people that makes electronics that can interact with real world? Whatever, If I'm a luck guy my pack from dx will fall in the hands of an arduino inclined inspector.

Hope to return with good news.


sexta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2013

Ultraviolet light-emitting diodes to reduce bycatch marine turttles

Researches from USA and Mexico found that the use of ultraviolet light-emitting
diodes installed in nets reduces nearly 40% the capture of the marine turttle Chelonia mydas. You can read in detail the study published in Biology Letters here